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I’m a writer. I live in Rhode Island. I make art with words and books with pages. Here’s a longer, more official-sounding version, suitable for copying and pasting:

Kevin Haslam is a content writer and communications professional. He was a paint salesman before shifting to writing where he earned an M.A. in English at Morehead State University. He resides in Cranston, Rhode Island with his wife, two boys, and Daisy Buchanan—a Saint Bernard who indeed can be located in the tub on most occasions.

Thank you so much for being interested in my work and engaging with this community. 

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Nothing Carried, Nothing Caught




Contemporary Fiction


Salinger in the Rye


ISBN: 9781732366800 (Paperback) 

ISBN: 9781732366817 (ePub)

Literary Studies/Reference

Salinger in the Rye: A Reader's Guide to Allusions & Pop Culture References in the Works of J.D. Salinger (2018).

"This book is written for fans, teachers, researchers, and theorists who have grown up in a world radically different from that of J.D. Salinger's literary moment. It considers Salinger's attachments to other great works, people, places, and events as entirely calculated and explores what such connections might mean for the ongoing literary conversation."

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You Forgot About Me


ISBN: 9781732366824 (Paperback) 

ISBN: 9781732366831 (ePub)

Literary Fiction

"A poignant interpretation of the effect of war on human beings. Haslam’s collection of interconnected short stories is horrible in its fascination and so intense as to be actually painful to the reader. “You Forgot About Me” is a series of impressionistic descriptions, vivid, poetic, and realistic. Unraveling over six months near the end of World War II, disillusionment and an almost morbid sympathy with mental and physical suffering are outstanding features of the book."

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"Every Cell Screams"


A short story published in the magnificent literary magazine, Dime Show Review.

Volume 3, Issue 1, 2019

ISSN: 2473-7356

ISBN: 9781793818188

US Library of Congress Control Number: 2019617078

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A short story published in the deeply affecting literary magazine, The Magnolia Review.

Be sure to also read The Magnolia Review’s interview with Kevin Haslam. Discussed are different methods of routine and creativity in the modern world. Interview by editor-in-chief, Suzanna Anderson Creates.




A short story forthcoming in the June issue of Adelaide Literary Magazine.

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